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Michelle Evans CEO and owner of Phoenix Flow Art is a Maryland based Artist. After serving my county in the US Air Force I completed my education and earned my degree from University of Maryland University College. Throughout my life especially during challenging times, I have always gravitated towards art. It is my safe space where I can express and challenge myself.  I first started with graphite studying the human body before experimenting with different painting styles and medium. I found a love of fluid art because it lacks boundaries. Fluid art presents an opportunity to create a unique painting. Each painting has a meaning which in fluid and abstract art every option is on the table.  There is no glass ceiling no right or wrong way it is just you, your heart and imagination and your substrate.  The best part of this style is the colliding of materials to create something new. 

The Artist

My purpose is to create art that invokes a positive feeling as well as share a new experience with every unique painting.

DSC_004s8 copy.jpg

Inspirational Quote / Thought

"Art is not in the eye of the beholder. It's in the soul of the artist.” ― Seth Godin.

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