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Don't Trash Your Art! Try This Easy Resin Art Makeover Instead. Resin Pour | Fluid Art

It's spring! Time to make something old new so don't trash your old or undesirable art. Today I will do an easy resin art makeover for a resin pour that I did last December that I really didn't like and never finished. Resin pours are a beautiful way to create abstract art. For this piece I primarily used transparent colors allowing the under painting to show through adding interest. When paint over a piece of artwork like this nothing goes to waste. This can also be done using acrylic inks and Gauches with acrylic paints if resin isn't you think. Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out if it's done or not so at the end of the video you will see 2 pictures of the pour. One without gold lines and one with gold lines. Let me know which one like most. Thank you for visiting my channel. I am Michelle, Phoenix Flow Art creating is what I do!

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