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How to paint an acrylic dutch pour bloom painting | Fluid Art | Abstract Flower | Blow Dryer Art

Today you will see how to paint an acrylic dutch pour bloom painting. This is my very first attempt at this technique. I think it came out well on the first attempt. This fluid art pour is combining the bloom technique with the dutch pour technique to create an abstract flower. I truly enjoyed the process and will be trying it out again. The colors used are listed below. When doing this pour you need to be mindful of the amount of paint you lay on the canvas. If you add too much paint, you will end up with a huge blob of paint. The more paint the harder to control. Also, decide how many petals you want. You need to have room to accommodate your composition. Negative space assists in adding balance to your design. Select the appropriate canvas size for your design. Those are a few things to keep in mind so now go create and be colorful.

Phoenix Flow Art..... Creating is what I do.

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